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Words to Sound Intelligent (A collection of my favorite)

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Do you ever feel that people consider you foolish and uneducated? Well never fear! I have provided a list of words to help you seem intelligent.

Coruscate – To Sparkle (Verb)

Peruse – Read Carefully (Verb)

Cavort – Play in a lively way (verb)

Enshroud – To cover (verb)

Deliquesce – To melt away (verb)

Moil – To work hard/slave away (Verb)

Cynosure – Focal point of attention (noun)

Oenophile – a wine liker (noun)

Neonate – Baby under 28days (Noun)

Throng – Large group of people clustered together (noun)

Firmament – Heavens/sky (noun)

Derision – Mockery (noun)

Buccaneer – Pirate (noun)

Abecedarian – Someone learning the alphabet  (noun)

Numismatics – study/collection of coins and metals (noun)

Ailurophile – A cat person (noun)

Rime – Coating of frost (noun)

Brume – Fog or Mist

Avarice – Greed (noun)

Bauble –  cheap flashy jewelery (noun)

Exultation – Joy from victory (noun)

Pugilist – Boxer (noun)

Plethora – Abundance (noun)

Umbrage – Resentment (noun)

Ebullience –  Great Enthusiasm (noun)

Libation – Alcoholic Drink (noun)

Emollient – Something the softens (noun)

Idiosyncrasy – Characteristic particular in an individual (noun)

Fulingious – Smoky (adj)

Oneric – To do with dreams (adj)

Obstrepuous – Noisy, boisterous (adj)

Hoary – White or grey with age (Adj)

Minatory – Threatening/menacing (adj)

Tenebrous – Dark/gloomy (adj)

Temerarious – Foolishly Reckless (adj)

Vitreous – Made of glass (adj)

Crepuscular – Of/like twilight (adj)

Fugacious – Shout lived (adj)

Resplendent – dazzling (adj)

Sedentary – Characterized by a lot of sitting (adj)

Antiquated – To old to be useful (adj)

Indelible – Unable to be erased

Androgynous – Male and female charactistics (adj)

Loqacious – Talkative (adj)

Gossamer – Light/Flimsy (adj)

Livid – Enraged (adj)

Raconteur – Skilled story teller (adj)

Sumptuous – Luxurious (adj)

Desiccated – Dryed up (adj)

Impudent – Rude (adj)

Recumbent – lying down (adj)

Injudicious – Unwise (Adj)

Bacchanalian – loud, drunkenness (adj)

Torpid – Sluggish (adj)

Somnolent – Sleepy (adj)

Circumscribed – enclosed (adj)

Debonair – Sophisticated Charm (adj)

Munificent – Generous (adj)

Inundated – Flooded (adj)

Impecunious – Broke (adj)

Convivial – Friendly/Social (adj)

Hirsute – Hairy/shaggy (adj)

Egregious – Very bad (adj)

Opulent – Rich (adj)

Blithe – Carefree (adj)

Perturbed – Uneasy (adj)

Intractable – Stubborn (adj)

Evanescent – Fleeting (adj)

Virile – Energetic in a manly way (adj)

Puerile – Childish (adj)

Effervescent – Bubbly (adj)

Salient – Prominent (adj)

Plaintive – Mournful (adj)

Lackadaisical – without interest (adj)

Despondent – Showing Hopelessness (adj)        

Macabre – Gruesome (adj)

Slip these words into conversation and the impressed look on peoples faces is guaranteed!



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