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Can We Please Stop Using Words Like “Cunt” and “Pussy”?

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As words ‘cunt’ and ‘pussy’ have never appealed to me. Why? Basically because they don’t sound nice. Not only do they not sound nice but they have a huge negative connotation. “He’s a cunt”, “Don’ be a pussy”. I don’t think it’s nice for us ladies to have such disgusting words used in such a disgusting way for such a beautiful part of our bodies.

Girls are self conscience enough about their vag and I don’t really think it’s fair adding to it. Words like these make me uncomfortable, I kinda feel like it’s the same as using a racist slur, it’s a sexist slur.

But Saoirse, people use ”Dick” in a negative way all the time, in fact you do all the time‘ yes, but it’s different, I don’t know why or how but it just is. I have a few theory’s for this and they’re a bit.. um.. crude.

Basically (bare with me here, I don’t mean to be sexist but am going to use a lot of generalizations here, I know exceptions exist and I always take that into account with individuals, but with a theory you sometimes need to stereotype a little) in regards to sex men generally have it a lot easier. They um… (Goodness me, why am I so awkward) find it easier to… you know… It’s a lot more physical for them and as a general rule it’s easier and more straight forward for them to get aroused and then cum (There I said it!) also, there’s not as much pressure for them to look good, ok ok, I know there’s pressure and guys suffer from objectification just as much as girls but it’s not the same you (if you’re a male) have no idea what it’s like to freak out because you forgot to shave your legs.

A lot of the time, girls are scared of sex, ok not scared… more nervous. They aren’t as comfortable with their bodies as men (maybe it’s because it’s harder to see). In this day and age the sexual revolution, despite all the years, is still happening, many women are still too hung up and anxious about themselves to really enjoy what’s going on. I think one way to stop this is to admit vaginas are beautiful and to stop saying synonyms for them unless they are in a positive manner.

All vaginas are beautiful, the same way all penis’s are beautiful. Young, old, sexually adept to sexually inept, the human form is beautiful (and cunt is an awful word).